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Miss Iman has a wide range of experiences in  design, ux research, marketing, and management. She is a creative individual with a can-do attitude attitude and is currently working with the Yunus Center AIT as a 'Design and Marketing Intern' as well as the 'Social Media Manager' for all online platforms. 

Miss Iman has worked on various university projects across different industries which makes her very versatile and able to grasp different topics easily. Some of her university projects include:

  • Green Saviors 

     An app design that makes tree-planting activities accessible for everyone in order to help reduce air pollution. An interactive gamified solution based on behavioral design.

  • Aree-Vitalized

     An urban design study and park renovation plan will make it easier for Ari residents to interact and socialize with others while spending time in nature.

  • Age appropriate TikTok

     Analyzing the TikTok app and improving its functions as well as adding new elements to make it more interactive, suitable and age-appropriate for teens


     Understanding the brand 'Uniqlo' and its users to create a unique sofa design to be placed in the retail stores

  • Air Japan

     creating a marketing strategy for the new airline 'Air Japan' for its successful launch in Thailand and attracting Thai customers.

  • C2E (Cassava to Energy)

      A service business plan to use cassava to produce bio-energy in order to reduce pollution and help farmers earn extra income.

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