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Jennie Andrea Gonzales

General Officer at Ynuns Center AIT


Jennie Andrea L. Gonzales is a seasoned administrative and customer service professional based in Pathumthani, Thailand.  She has been working with Asian Institute of Technology since 2014 and is currently connected with Yunus Center as an Administrative Assistant.  She is adept at managing email correspondence and giving support to other administrative needs of her unit.  Her previous role required a keen eye for detail to reconcile collections with system records and assist customers-related inquiries. Currently pursuing a Bachelor in Secondary Education at Northwest Samar State University in the Philippines, she is committed to continuous learning and professional development. She has attended notable seminars, including the 1st International Conference on Contemporary Education and the APC Asian Publishing Convention. She possesses strong interpersonal skills, basic proficiency in Thai, and the ability to work under pressure and adapt to various situations. Her passion for sports has molded her outlook in life  that, "Like group sports,  team work is greatly needed in every workplace"


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