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Saw Theint Theint Htet

Program Operation Manager at Yunus Center AIT.

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Saw Theint Theint Htet is a versatile professional with a rich tapestry of experiences in consultancy, entrepreneurship, and a robust educational background in urban environmental management. Her passion lies in the realms of environmental and social sustainability management, and she has dedicated her career to making a positive impact in these areas. Recently, she completed the 11th Social Business Academia Conference and SAR100 Capstone week & Graduation Ceremony, where she served in a pivotal role by leading as Program Support.Currently serving as the Program Operation Manager at Yunus Center AIT, Saw plays a critical role in coordinating and executing various initiatives. Saw is not only a seasoned professional but also a distinguished YEASILI Fellow. Her diverse experiences span both the public and private sectors, with a steadfast focus on Environmental and Social Sustainability Management. She is at the forefront of project administration and development, spearheading the "WePOWER Large Training" initiative, aimed at empowering 100 women from South Asian regions in the field of sustainable energy. Additionally, she is deeply involved in in-country training for Energy, Development, Management, and Technology (EDSMAT) in Pakistan, further cementing her commitment to advancing sustainable practices in the energy sector. With her exceptional leadership and dedication, Saw continues to drive impactful change in her field.


Connect with her through:

+66 65 531-4434

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