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Yunus Masters in Social Business & Entrepreneurship YCA’s effort to convert Professor Yunus’ vision of a competency-based professional qualification in Social Business and Entrepreneurship recognized internationally was realized through the active support of the Schools of Environment, Resources and Development, and Management. The program balances three essential prerequisites of a robust professional degree, namely theory, tools, and practice. The new program aims to introduce the concept of the curated degree program at AIT, where existing courses are combined in a way that creates a new interdisciplinary offering that attracts students aiming for a specific skill set. 


The YPM is a one-of-a-kind Master’s program, visualized by a Nobel Peace Prize-winning thought leader in Social Business and enterprise-led development, is offered by the region’s leading university, located in the entrepreneurial heartland of Asia. The YPM is connected to the Yunus Academia Network in 87 Universities on 5 Continents.   


The flexible instructional design combines online, in-class, and experiential learning, and equips mid-career professionals, working executives, and aspiring entrepreneurs for careers in the corporate, development, public, or enterprise sectors.


I encourage young people to become social business entrepreneurs and to take a role in changing the world. 

Changing the world is a lot more fun.

Professor Muhammad Yunus - Nobel Peace Laureate 


Flexible work-study plans for mid-career professionals.


The Practicum is what makes this master's degree stand out from other Social Business degrees offered around the world.


The Yunus Colloquium is the key differentiator for the YPM.


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Environment, Social &Governance




The business world faces a major transformation.

Consumers, employees, governments, and regulators all expect companies to show that they act ethically and respect people and the planet in their pursuit of profit. Business investments that prioritize social innovation, equity, and practical action have reached 700 billion US dollars, in 2021, in step with a surge in regulatory incentives. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards are key differentiators.


The search is on for ESG professionals with understanding and skills.

More and more ESG professionals are needed to steer corporate decision- making towards responsible profits. ESG management is emerging as a portfolio practical approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) values, and Sustainability principles, viewed from a Risk Management Perspective.


More ESG professionals are needed than are available.
500,000 new ESG jobs are expected this decade. From entry-level data and compliance documentation to responding to process-level challenges confronting business growth for managing risk in the boardroom.


PM-ESG prepares professionals for in- demand ESG roles.
ESG careers are opening in risk management, strategic planning, policy analysis, social impact, and business innovation. PM-ESG is offered by the AIT School of Management in collaboration with the Yunus Centre, AIT's ESG hub. Students earn a master's qualification without having to interrupt their careers. PM-ESG is attractive for employees because they can invest in building the ESG capacity of key management and staff, without having to displace employees

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