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YCA’s vision is to harness the power of social business to create a poverty-free world.

What We Do

The Yunus Center at AIT has, since 2009, maintained a focus on building capacity for Social Business and Enterprise-led Development approaches.


Professor Yunus

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus proposed the social business model, a business designed to meet a social goal.



Strengthening Regional Collaboration and Cooperation through Higher Education Programs - Afghanistan & Thailand

3E Approach



Workshop, Design Competitions, Events & Exposure Visits 



Research, Case Studies,

Professional Training Programs



Mentorship & Incubation,

CSR Transformation,

Social Business in Action

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YCA Social Business

The Yunus Center at AIT provides an independent and open platform for addressing development challenges in Asia. It provides a forum for discussion between people from the public, private, academic, and grass roots sectors to exchange ideas on poverty alleviation and social business. The Center aims to contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development by promoting, developing, and implementing social business ideas and projects.

YCA - SDG Scorecard

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Social Business in Thailand

Partnering with organizations and universities to find sustainable solutions to social problems whilst bridging the gap between the corporate world and social objectives.

Yunus coincided with the approval of the new Social Enterprise Promotion Act, which aimed to improve the enabling environment for Social Business nationwide.

Our mission is to promote the social business as a sustainable alternative to long-term aid, bridging the gap between business and philanthropy.


Yunus Professional Masters

in Social Business and Entrepreneurship

The YPM is a one-of-a-kind Master’s program, visualized by a Nobel Peace Prize-winning thought leader in Social Business and enterprise-led development, offered by the region’s leading university, located in the entrepreneurial heartland of Asia. The YPM is connected to the Yunus Academia Network in 87 Universities on 5 Continents. The flexible instructional design combines online, in-class, and experiential learning, and equips mid-career professionals, working executives, and aspiring entrepreneurs for careers in the corporate, development, public, or enterprise sectors.

A World of Three Zeroes...

Social Business can create a world of Three Zeroes, as outlined by Professor Yunus

Our Partners

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