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Project Communication Officer & Brand Associate


Aoung, a recent graduate from the University of Portsmouth, UK, holds an MSc in Project Management and possesses a diverse skill set spanning design, marketing, and management. With a creative mindset and a proactive approach, Aoung fulfills the roles of Project Communication Officer and Brand Associate for all platforms associated with the Yunus Center AIT, contributing significantly to its communication and branding strategies. Furthermore, Aoung has demonstrated exceptional leadership and management capabilities as an Assistant Manager at Hotel Kinnari Pwin Oo Lwin, Myanmar, since 2020. Under their guidance, the hotel has experienced a remarkable 20% increase in annual income, establishing itself as a top performer within the company. Aoung's expertise in online business management, targeted marketing, and project execution has been instrumental in driving profitability and fostering customer satisfaction. Looking ahead, Aoung is spearheading new ventures such as tour and private transportation services, slated for launch in 2028, leveraging their clear market vision and effective team communication skills. Moreover, Aoung's proficiency in developing, editing, and promoting marketing and communications materials, combined with their strategic approach to analytics and crisis management, further exemplify their value as a dynamic professional. Recently, Aoung played a pivotal role as a Brand Associate at the 11th Social Business Academia Conference and SAR100 Capstone Week & Graduation Ceremony, showcasing their commitment to excellence in every endeavor.


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Tel:  (+66) 0838078816

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