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Executive Immersion Program - ESG for the Oil & Gas Sector

19 December 2022: YCA participated in organizing and hosting an executive immersion program in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), this was a 5-day program that covered the theoretical underpinnings of risk management, organizational sustainability, innovative leadership, and social impact in its curriculum, which also included direct exposure to related businesses and organizations. This course was important as ESG careers are opening rapidly in risk management, strategic planning, policy analysis, social impact, and business innovation. And to direct business decision-making toward ethical earnings, an increasing number of ESG specialists are required. From a risk management perspective, ESG management is becoming a portfolio-practical approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ideals and Sustainability principles. This course was conducted for Thai participants working in the oil and gas industry with a tuition fee of 50000 THB which would cover all training related expenses (but not participant's costs like accommodation, food, and travel from/to origin of work/living).

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