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Financial Inclusion in Southeast Asia

09 – 10 March 2023: YCA designed and hosted a study visit for officers of the Nabunturan Integrated Cooperative, Silangan Multi-purpose Cooperative, Bansalan Multi-purpose Cooperative, Samal Island Multi-Purpose Cooperative, San Isidro Employees Cooperative, Income Credit Cooperative and Model Cooperative Network in Bangkok, Thailand. Through in-depth exposure to microfinance and savings and credit cooperative practices in Thailand, the program, Financial Inclusion in Southeast Asia, aims to improve the knowledge and abilities of cooperative officials. The initiative facilitates the sharing of insightful knowledge on the issues, trends, and savings and credit cooperatives in Southeast Asia. It expands on the ideas of financial inclusion and increases chances for officials' personal and professional development, which will result in long-term institutional growth, by showcasing best practices and success stories. This study visit lasted 2 days and consisted of panel discussions, visits, and experience-sharing.

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