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At the opening 11th Social Business Academia Conference (SBAC), Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate 2006, Chairman, Yunus Centre, Bangladesh delivered a compelling speech regarding the current state of university education and its impact on creativity and human dignity. His thought-provoking address left a significant impression on the attendees, urging them to consider this critical issue. The conference, co-hosted by the Yunus Center at the Asian Institute of Technology (YCA) and Professor Muhammad Yunus, along with Yunus Centre, Dhaka, was held on April 1-2, 2024, with the theme “Social Business Research – Objectives, Methodologies & Priorities.”

In his keynote address, Professor Muhammad Yunus emphasized the crucial role of academia in addressing societal issues. He urged for an economic system redesign to tackle poverty and other global challenges, highlighted the significance of young people in driving change, and encouraged collective action to address pressing global issues. Furthermore, he warned about the potential dangers of unchecked artificial intelligence and the urgency of addressing carbon emissions, wealth concentration, and unemployment to avoid catastrophic consequences. He encouraged young people to create a new civilization that prioritizes serving humanity and problem-solving over profit. He underlined the power of collective action and individual responsibility in building a sustainable future.

Social Business Academia Conferences
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