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21 November – 02 December 2022: YCA took part in organizing a 12-day EDSMAT training on ‘Grid Stations Operation Management’ for 20 participants from the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). The training was held at the WAPDA administrative staff college in Islamabad, Pakistan and consisted of od interactive lectures and as well as various activities to understand the topics better and engage with peers. The following topics were covered during the training:

  1. Power System Fundamentals

  2. Power Planning

  3. Load forecasting

  4. Power System Levels

  5. Power Flow Analysis

  6. Micro Grids and Smart Grids

  7. Grid Operation and Control

  8. Renewable Integration

  9. Economic Operation of Power Systems

The aim of the training was to equip the participants with knowledge of how grid stations work, and how the power supply is managed.

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